Do your part for the land we call home! As Canadians, we’re incredibly lucky to live amongst lush forests, beautiful lakes, and scenic landscapes. For this year’s momentous Canada Day, give back to our environment by planting a tree to mark Canada’s 150th birthday!

To celebrate this significant moment in our Country’s history, we’re giving away a FREE tree planting kit with every tree purchase until July 7th.

All you have to do is mention this promo code to our staff:


Choose from these 5 trees to leave your mark for Canada’s 150th:



Home to Peterborough, the Kawarthas, and all over central and southern Ontario, the red maple is about as Canadian as it gets. It’s a fast-growing shade tree that can grow in a variety of different soil types. Plant this tree where it will have plenty of room to grow. Pruning and maintenance is commonly needed to keep its form nice and strong.


The ivory silk lilac tree features plumes of fragrant creamy white flowers that rise up from late spring to early summer. It’s smooth, dark red bark adds an interesting element to any garden or landscape. The ivory silk lilac is a relatively low maintenance tree, and should only be pruned after flowering. This tree is an ideal choice for smaller home or cottage properties.


The sunburst honeylocust makes a charming front-yard tree. With light green leaves and an open canopy, this tree allows for light sunshine in your yard as opposed to full shade that’s provided by other dense trees. The sunburst’s leaves start out yellow in the spring then transition to green and turn back into yellow in the fall. This tree can grow up to 2 feet per year, so you won’t have to wait long for your Canada Day imprint to leave an impression in your yard.


The shademaster honeylocust does great in just about every area. Whether you have a house in downtown Peterborough or a cottage on Stoney Lake, give it plenty of sunlight and the shademaster will thrive! This tree grows into a nice rounded shape, making it an exceptional lawn tree. Its leaves are a nice green colour throughout the warm months, and during autumn they’re small enough they don’t even need to be raked. The shademaster is super low maintenance!


The national tree of Canada!! The sugar maple is a well-known symbol of our Canadian flag, it speaks volumes around the world that recognizes us as strong and free. The sugar maple can live up to 200 years and will thrive in full sun to full shade. Sugar maples trees supply us with that sweet golden maple syrup too! This tree just keeps giving and it will thrill you in the fall when its leaves change to red, yellow and brilliant orange.


Johnston’s Greenhouse will supply you with everything you need to plant a healthy tree for Canada’s 150th birthday.

Remember to mention the promo code CANADA150 or this post to receive a FREE tree planting kit as our gift to you for Canada day!

Your tree planting kit will include stakes, manure, and full directions to ensure your planting success.

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